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Works in progress:

The General’s Gold:   Grinding their way through virgin wilderness; a gruff English General, two thousand troops and an enterprising and ambitious young Virginian are about to make history in a way very few could imagine.  Even more suprising during this hot and steamy summer in 1755 was not the fact that they might have to fight the French and Indians on their way to Fort Duquesne, but that no one else knew they hoped to buy most of this new land from those same foes and keep it for themselves.

Complete:  25%

The Broken Strings:  It can be a terrible burden to have to hide your past from those you love.   Killing a man, fleeing the country and giving up the one thing you loved more than life itself can make the past an even darker place. Alex Pearson had done all those things and honestly believed his life now was as normal as the neighbors next door.    Late at night as he walked the house, checked the doors and windows he knew all too well that wasn’t really true.  It wasn’t really true at all.

Complete: 10%