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Home News Vestibular Walking Update 08/10/2015

Vestibular Walking Update 08/10/2015

The joy of a long walk, is so much time to think…I think that is a joy?

Update:  August 9,2015

Thanks to everyone who sent a “that was funny” email.  I guess, it is.  At least a little funny,  It is a month later.  I’ve ridden my VTX 1300 a little.  On the open-road it just takes more focus, and in-town too.    My gym workout starts with severe intensity this month.  My legs just feel weak.  The doctors say it’s because in order for my body, i.e. eyes to control things I use different muscles?  I hiked from Spring Valley over Mt. Helix to home,6.2 miles, legs were not an issue while I walked.  Walking on Mt. Helix, over Fuerte Dr.  is not recommended, there is not much room.  And all the really rich people in their Prius’, think their little cars are actually BMW 740’s..ahhh no.

The fact that this month will be six months just plain sucks.  The upside is slowly getting better.  Emphasis here on the word slow.  If I really focus my typing speed is back up into the 30wpm range.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.  However;  not being able to bitch, whine, or complain would be against my nature so…there you go.

I will say I have had the opportunity to read the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.  It’s no secret I am a Huge Tolkien fan and this seems to fall right in line.  In fairness I don’t see myself in the fantasy gendre’, but then…you never know.

Reading, watching Youtube and trying to write….more have been my life.




People ask me why I walk neighborhoods, alleys, and parking lots.  I grew up on Haystack Mtn.,  we were the 2nd house built on the left side of BW rd.  I don’t like to walk with traffic.  Having grown-up in Cumberland you have to go out of you way to find traffic.

I do miss the Uncle Stan’s, who would say hello.  The Dr. Bolyard’s who would remind you when to mow next.  The Mr. Jackson’s who would tell you if you had a job, you could buy a car and not have to walk.  lol.  Now I like to watch the expressions of the people I do speak too…interesting.

After I told my Dr.’s I was walking they said ok.  Since no one seems to have a cure for Vestibular…anything, the fact that I’m doing better is a plus.  Having talked with many others…better is always good.

This seemed too much of a ramble to put on Facebook so I come here to practice my typing skills  Those, to, are getting better…slowly.  If you know anyone with VN, VL, Chronic Fatigue or the myriad of other ‘retro-virus” type illnesses and I hear about you making fun of them, I will personally come and beat your a#z.  Yeah, even I used to think it was funny…guess what?  Not so much.

I’ve had to accept the fact that flying around the world alone or scaling Everest in my underwear are probably out, other than that.  I still see few limitations.  For those that don’t care, it’s ok…neither do I!  My journey without ME started 31 years ago, I think that is long enough.  Be a part of team ME or not, it’s up to you.  I’m moving on, one way or another!!!