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….to take my leave…

Published on December 25, 2014, by in Poetry.

There across the barren plains, a thousand eyes to watch

So much time spent in mindful service and devotion

Now the time for severed ties and unbound promises

To look away to a new horizon, to see possibilities anew


Nothing to say, it might be right or wrong

A nod, a glance or whisper carried on a breeze

Some sign before this point of no return

If only a mind would speak for a heart that will not


Sullen looks and eyes, once so bright, now dark and cold

Do they mirror a heart so afraid of what it might find

Locked away behind memories too painful to set free

Now all prisoners of a past that binds a soul for life


No way to penetrate walls that hide each guarded thought

To take a chance, to seek the sunlight just one more time

Forlorn, this pain that fades each memory into dust

The grasp that held so tightly now not so firm or full


On a field of battle a sword might strike a blow more swift

The torment tears and gnaws at sinew played as harp strings

Braver soldiers, stronger men fought better battles and lost

Here, this field shows only one battle lost before it began


Crushed bodies may drag themselves to find that perfect spot

Perhaps there in the shade, the daylight hidden for just awhile

Tears are never shed in battle. weakness has no home here

They approach, they were served well, a leave, you may take…..