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Midnight Sonata

Published on November 22, 2014, by in Poetry.

So far away this time of night, alone again as the clock chimes on Many thoughts will pierce the darkness, as searching hearts now wait for dawn No single word can break the silence;  a sigh, a moan or cry out loud Waiting is a love so special,  may... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Early Riser

Published on November 2, 2014, by in Poetry.

As if the sky is alive with fire Yet strange to want to reach out to it; this desire Would a touch, be too much for any mortal soul   So crisp and alive these morning hues Is our path etched there in those off-colored blues Should ever a day... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Last Standing….

“What do you mean go in there?”, the stalks were a foot above either of our heads.  It would be impossible. Tim turned quickly and shot me his most intimidating look,  “well, you hit the ball in there so you have to get it”.  This, on fact,... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Wandering through the “blogosphere”

Published on November 29, 2014, by in News.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Doing something everyday to get the word out…ok, almost everyday :) ... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!



Published on November 18, 2014, by in Poetry.

They knew,  never venture too far from home The trees keep you safe if you know where to roam The crunching of leaves and scents in the breeze But those sounds aren’t yours…up there, in the trees   Movements so slow it can be hard to... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!

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