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Changing your life

Published on January 7, 2015, by in News.

Tony Robbins has a new book.  Sure you don’t have to read it. Why take his advice?  We are so much smarter than the 100’s of world leaders, athlete’s, celebrities et al he’s coached…..  Right? Get done with reading... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


….to take my leave…

Published on December 25, 2014, by in Poetry.

There across the barren plains, a thousand eyes to watch So much time spent in mindful service and devotion Now the time for severed ties and unbound promises To look away to a new horizon, to see possibilities anew ———— Nothing to say, it... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


A Sultry Sound

As part of a writing exercise, I’ve tried to write 2k or 3k words in a short story form working through a simple theme in one sitting.  This is the first one that flowed from start to finish without infuriating me in the middle because I... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Some Broken Strings

This work-in-progress just needs to be finished.  The story floats in and out of his head with such regularity, it should probably already be complete.  But it’s not, and that is sadly no ones fault but my own.   So, posted here are the first... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


A Step into Goodbye

All the kids called him “Pops”.  I did too.  I had known him all my life, they were just always there. All of us would sit for hours and listen to his stories of the woods, the mountains and how he loved them, how he felt so attached to... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!

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