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Home Poetry Midnight Sonata

Midnight Sonata

Published on November 22, 2014, by in Poetry.

greatroom-lgSo far away this time of night, alone again as the clock chimes on

Many thoughts will pierce the darkness, as searching hearts now wait for dawn

No single word can break the silence;  a sigh, a moan or cry out loud

Waiting is a love so special,  may crush their spirits strong and proud


Gentle light holds every moment,  tries to pierce a growing gloom

A fires draft pulls life towards it, embracing chills invade the room

Gentle footsteps approach so lightly. to hold suspense for one more tock

A handle turns and doors move slowly. no chance to hear the tender knock


The hands begin the trip towards midnight, the fire roars, an ember glows

From shadows seen through clouded windows bodies entwined, raw passion shows

And now for them, time stands still, bends here around two tortured souls

Light reflects on hands and kisses, flames to fan the fires coals


At no planned moment the clock continues, chiming, yes, more quickly now

To break away this perfect commune, when love requests a solemn vow

None to give from either consort, yes they know  the end is near

To break the bond this time forever is the bitter truth of what they fear