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Published on January 14, 2015, by in Poetry.

Jump 01122015







At times it is surely all you can do

The excitement to share great news about you

The anger at knowing some things will not change

Or a hop, for a hope, to a life rearrange

Does anyone care that you act up this way

Strangers might stare but some “friends” look away

Not certain of what they think you might feel

Afraid to believe, their dreams you might steal

Here as the sun warms heads, hearts and hands

A future before you, so cluttered with plans

Not that you care for their feelings too much

Your crisp, bright new future is just out of touch

Push the darkness behind you that mess you don’t need

New steps on a journey, a brave life to seed

Dragging yourself out from this cold winter slump

Up onto the railing to sing, dance and jump…