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Fall…..a time for peace

Published on October 8, 2014, by in Writing.

These trees and colors all know my name
Too many conversations through time to count
Still they wait here each and every season
Listening quietly for me as the fall breeze blows

Through the winter and spring I miss them
Even as summer wanes they just aren’t ready yet
Then that first crisp morning calls both our names
Is it time now? Not quite; but soon, very soon

A moving rebirth with every next season
Something familiar christens new memories
Whether much to early or right before dusk
This palette of nature sings with such vibrance
It’s impossible to not let your soul hear each note

Then quickly we pass through them time and again
Still sometimes forgetting to say “thank you for that”
But in the moment when they catch us
We take comfort in saying
Winter can come now, we’ve had fall peace at last.

Fall Peace – Susan Witt Will