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Digging Deeper….

Published on September 10, 2016, by in News.

Three straight days!  Who had the kind of job that required that insanity?  When you worked for yourself, it seemed almost normal.  This project had been almost two full years in the works.  No one had any real idea if this would work.  Yet there is was….the land rocket.  The name had stuck early on in the project.  Nigel didn’t really think anyone liked it, but it sounded better than Urban-Rural Propulsion and Transportation Vehicle.  They had tried to think of clever anograms but nothing seemed to fit.  URPTV seemed to always sound like burp by the time they got finished playing with it…so the just gave up.

Now they had  a hovercraft, of sorts.  There was still a lot of experimentation going on with hi-speed train and hi-velocity tunnel transportation.   Nigel woke up one night with the most uncomfortable set of night sweats he’d had in a long time.  In his minds eye he saw it.  A vehicle that could travel safely at hundreds of miles an hour, above the ground, but not a plane.  The radar and navigation technology already existed to keep him from slamming into trees or bridge abutements;  he just had to keep it moving forward and above the ground.

Dr. Allison at the University of Chicago had stirred Nigel’s fascination in using the natural magnetism of the earth as a propulsion system.