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Published on November 18, 2014, by in Poetry.

Brohters 11_17_2014They knew,  never venture too far from home

The trees keep you safe if you know where to roam

The crunching of leaves and scents in the breeze

But those sounds aren’t yours…up there, in the trees


Movements so slow it can be hard to tell

Perhaps just a bird or some acorns that fell

So many times the fear is so real

Just freeze for a moment, a quick glance they steal


Then quick in a flash the steps draw much closer

Stuck here in this place the chase would be over

Turn quick and then run is all they can do

No glance back behind is the wise thing for you


Bound over the timber and up through the valley

Running and running, go much faster..shall we?

Daring to stop near the top of that hill

To look down below, a figure so still


And then in a moment to charge right back down

Towards a patch of the forest of yellows and brown

She stands in the shadows peaceful and calm

They race back to safety and the one they call mom.