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Adults and Social Media

Now, I know, adult can be a very broad term.  I think I would like to limit it to those of us who have reached that level of maturity where we don’t really care what everyone or anyone else thinks.    It is so easy to get caught up in the river of rhetoric that flows through social media.  Seems everyone has an opinion.  Sometimes it is even difficult to tell the pudding from the propaganda, as they used to say.   It is the fate of our dearest friend , common sense, to sort things out.  But again, we find out there is really nothing common about that.    We are absolutely inundated with information.  I think it’s ok to be informed, but at what point do you say enough is enough?

I sometimes look back fondly on those days when the news came in the paper at the end of the day.  For world events, does it really matter to most of us whether we find out about something instantly or a day later?  I think not.  Granted for some disasters, time is of the essence;  here perhaps, we can be thankful for this instant gratification.  For so many other events….does it really matter to me?  In the scheme of things; for me, it does not.  Knowing about it and getting updated almost instantly is a waste of time,  when I should be doing something really productive.

The jokes abound about the  pictures of food, or cats, or sunsets that litter social media;  and in so many ways, they are just a little more than tongue in cheek.  However:  at this somewhat advanced age of 55,  I use Social Media to connect with those I would never see or possibly hear from again.  I have friends here now, that I knew 30+ years ago.  I see pictures of their families, their vacations, their lives….how would that happen without Social Media?  Maybe a postcard or a shared letter and pictures to a mother,  but I would never know.

I see the “younger” generations using it to share their thoughts and feelings about life, politics, sex, etc.  I admit to some jealousy that they have that luxury.  I know it is just a part of their life, let’s hope they use it wisely.  I wonder sometimes how we managed without a cell phone, or Google or social media growing up?  Then I remember;  we had friends and the library.  I think we did ok.  Could we have done better?  Maybe?  But then again; we walked on the moon, invented the cell phone, the search engine and the Hadron collider.

There are times during the day when I wish I was…younger.  I wish I could pick an age,   but when I think back, there were great memories across the board,  I feel I should continue making those memories now.  One of my favorite things about evolution is our and natures ability to change.

They used to say a rut is just a grave without ends.  If you ever raced motorcycles;  off-road, in the mud, you know all about ruts.  You have to be able to twist the throttle and know your innate talent, skills and abilities will carry you through any rut.  You just have to be willing to trust yourself enough to see where you are headed.

Social media is a tools for us to use.  We can either learn and live, or ignore and die.  For heaven sake, if you don’t know how to do it;   ask your daughter..you can be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest,etc……in no time 🙂