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A…start again.

Published on January 10, 2017, by in Writing.

Do you wonder?  

Maybe when you’re younger, a bit more naive, no doubt, less cynical;  what it’s like to start again.  

Sometimes you wait your whole life for those special moments.  

Those times that move the very fabric of your soul.  It doesn’t mean you understand them, or even appreciate that raw, intensity of what they are…they just are.  

It is taking that first step into what will be your future.  

It is, in the, not looking back.  

It is the most primal desire to be, what you know you were meant to be…you’re entire life.  

Why did it seem to take so long to get to this moment?  

Perhaps, that is the improper outlook.  Better yet….to be thankful that you have come here at all.  

This moment when the reboot of your life makes way too much sense.  When all you can see is the limitless future…regardless of the limiting past.  

How do you know it is the right thing?  You don’t.  

The beauty of life is it’s uncertainty…but like that next lap in a race car, you go as fast as you can, clip every apex, make every shift as perfect as you can, do it…like it is the last lap…life is like that.  You do everything like it is the last lap.  

That next lap…tomorrow…is promised to no one.  

Put your head down, focus harder than you ever have in your life…and make it the best ever.  

You have nothing to lose but the memory of what you failed to do…that is no memory at all.

Devote yourself to all that today will be….it is most certainly, a promise…you can keep.