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A…start again.

Published on January 10, 2017, by in Writing.

Do you wonder?   Maybe when you’re younger, a bit more naive, no doubt, less cynical;  what it’s like to start again.   Sometimes you wait your whole life for those special moments.   Those times that move the very... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Digging Deeper….

Published on September 10, 2016, by in News.

Three straight days!  Who had the kind of job that required that insanity?  When you worked for yourself, it seemed almost normal.  This project had been almost two full years in the works.  No one had any real idea if this would work.  Yet there... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


In the Light of a Full Moon (No Edits)

It didn’t seem to matter.  He’d look out the window into the quiet, empty field and see nothing.  Nothing but the shadows cast by the moonlight as they danced effortlessly from tree to tree.  They used to love to wander through that field.... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Racing Links. Saturday June 5, 2016

Published on June 4, 2016, by in News.

I thought of doing a FB post, but then realized just how many links to racing there were today. I’ve tried to include the ones I will use below.  For those of us with speed in our blood, here’s some help to get you through the weekend.... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!


Solutreans, Atlantis, Younger Drayas, etc

Published on November 26, 2015, by in Writing.

I’m not certain that studying more in 1980’s would have helped with sciences advances in the last twenty years. My first hypothesis comes from something;  I obviously need to learn more about.  The premise that the first North American... Yes...there is more....! | Share it now!

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